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Alright, why the forties again? Well, it was certainly the most dangerous period in the city’s history, the most challenging but also, for some, the most exciting days of their lives. It was a decade made up of two halves - conflict and recovery - the war years showed us at our resilient best and the second half confirmed the idea that we could gather ourselves together and move on.

However, humour was never far from the surface either and I can remember seeing, chalked on the side of the police station, the irresistible, “STAY  GOOD - WE’RE STILL OPEN!”

We thought, therefore, it would be revealing to show, as well as the dramatic images, the important part that entertainment played during those difficult years. Interestingly, by the way, the Birmingham Hippodrome was always known as “The Hippodrome” (or “The Hipp”) whereas the Aston Hippodrome was always referred to by its full name.
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